What I Did in my Gap Year? – II

Dear Emma,

Along with my application process activities, I dedicated my time to Rotaract Club of Patan South. It is one of the several Rotaract clubs spread around the world. Rotaract is a service, leadership and community service organization for young men and women between the ages 18–30. I joined Rotaract because I wanted to experience the society from a different perspective and wanted to give back to the society. During my time at Rotaract, I volunteered in several activities conducted by this club including several blood donation camps, career counseling, and health awareness programs in public schools. I also took part in Puppetry workshop, Proposal Writing workshop, Futsal tournament and Public Speaking forum organized by Rotaract to enhance the leadership, writing and communicative skills of its members.

From grade nine, I have been helping my father in his electric shop after school. And I continued this activity in my gap year as well. He repairs electronic devices like television, microwaves etc. When he went away to customers houses to repair those electric devices, I looked after the shop, dealt with customers and sold the electronic goods as well. In spare time, my father taught me his work. I learned how to solder, how to study a circuit board. I learned about resistors, transistors, capacitors etc.

In July, I volunteered in a 10-day residential Vipassana meditation course in Nepal Vipassana Meditation Center.  I had previously taken a 10-day course myself and felt grateful for the volunteers who made my stay comfortable during those 10 days. I too wanted to make someone else’s stay comfortable as it had been mine, so I volunteered in one of the courses there. During the course, I was in charge of the dining room and had the responsibility to serve the food and clean the dining room. I was also in charge of the Russian group of meditators. A lot of foreigners come to this meditation center to learn Vipassana and they are segregated into groups according to their preferred language. During the discourse sessions and important instruction sessions, I lead those Russians into the designated halls and also catered their small needs.




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