What I Did in my Gap Year? – I

Dear Emma,

Today, I want to talk to you about a fruitful year I had outside of academics.

After completing my final board exams in April 2014, I patiently waited for my results which were due to arrive in September. I consulted my parents and friends for higher studies and after considering several options I found studying in the USA as my best option because I wanted to get an experiential education.

To get more information about studying in the US, I attended a Friday group session at USEF (United States Education Foundation/ Education USA center) which gave me an overview of the entire application process to US colleges. I realized that applying to US colleges and universities is a long process and I was already late to apply for the 2014 fall session and hence I took a gap year and am applying for the 2015 fall session.

In the past eight months, I spent most of my time in the application process; preparing for SAT, researching about colleges and writing my essays. I went to USEF daily, along with two of my friends, to practice for SAT. The USEF has a library which provides resources on SAT, TOEFL, US colleges and the application process. USEF also conducts several Info Session on different parts of application process like an essay, standardized tests etc, College Info Session and Get Inspired Session (A session conducted by people who have or are going to US colleges). I attended these sessions throughout the year whenever they were held and they gave me a lot of information about different colleges and about the experience of studying in the USA.

To be continued…




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